Well, it's been a very long time since I've updated my website.  There have been many changes during that time.  I'm no longer married to my second husband, Buzz, and have taken back my former married name of Orozco.  This is the name of my children and most of my grandchildren.  Speaking of grandchildren, I have 3 - almost 4 - more than last time I was here. 

Genealogy is still an obsession with me, although it has to compete with new obsessions of grandchildren, gardening, and quilting.   

In October 1999 my then-husband, Buzz, and I made a "family tree" driving trip through Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Some of the information and many of the photos I will be showing here are from that trip.  

My goal is to create a site that will enable my far-flung family to learn more about our ancestors and, in the process, I'd like to share this information with others researching the same lines. 

The family tree below explains the relationship of some of the main lines that I'm currently researching.  

I'd love to have you sign my guest book while you're here.  



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