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I have very little information about the Whitman's.  I know that Joseph and Ella Whitman adopted Jean Andre Obrion when he was a child.  His name was later changed to John Amos Obrion, then to John Amos Whitman.  I'm not even sure if "Obrion" is the original spelling of his name.  This is the spelling that appeared in the 1900 Davis, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma Census.

Joseph was born in Illinois in 1859.  His first wife was Rhoda Downing.  They were only married a short time before she presumably died.  They had no children.  

Joseph's second wife was Martha Ellen (Ella) Roger.  Martha was born in 1866, also in Illinois.  The only child Joseph and Ella had was their adopted son, John.  

For many years Joseph and Ella owned a feed store in Oklahoma City.  Joseph died in 1946 and Ella in 1956.  They are both buried in Rose Hill Burial Park in Oklahoma City.

The Only Known Child of Joseph V. Whitman and Martha Ellen (Ella) Roger-Whitman

John A. Whitman


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