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According to many sources our Trowbridge line can be traced to Charlemagne. While I have included his line in our family tree as well as some information on him, I must make it clear that I personally have not done any research back that far. Therefore, I can take neither credit nor blame for any information regarding this part of our family history. If the sources I have checked are correct, Charlemagne would be the 37th great-grandfather of my mother, Frances Jane Whitman-Brown. 

 Nearly all the information I currently have on the Trowbridge line was researched by other genealogists.  I am very grateful to so many people for making this information available
through the internet.  My own
contribution to this area is very small.  My Trowbridge connection is through my great great grandmother, Augusta Louisa Trowbridge Huggins.  She was born in New York in 1821 to Charles Edwin Trowbridge and Mary Ann Bailey Trowbridge.  She married James H. Huggins in San Augustine, Texas in 1844 and gave birth to my great grandfather, William Frederick Huggins, in December 1844, also in San Augustine.  This is quite literally ALL the information I have on Augusta . . . so far.  With the exception of the family of Charles Edwin and Mary Ann Trowbridge, all other Trowbridge research was done by others. 

The Trowbridges have been traced to 1510, with John Trowbridge in Hutton, Somerset, England. In 1597 John Trowbridge (the grandson of the above John Trowbridge) of Tiverton, England married Agnes Prowse, of Taunton, England. Agnes was the 27th great-granddaughter of Charlemagne. 

English records show that the Trowbridge family were long seated in the county of Devon (Devonshire), and it is said that the barton of Trowbridge in the parish of Crediton was in the possession of the family in the reign of Edward I. 

It is supposed that a younger branch of the Devonshire family of Trowbridge settled in Somersetshire, and records relating to it have been found in that country. 

From the Trowbridge family found residing in the city of Taunton, county of Somersetshire, about the middle of the sixteenth century comes the ancestor of the majority of the Trowbridges of America. 

Taunton stands on the great road leading from Land's End in Cornwall to the north of England, lying between Exeter and Bridgewater, thirty-three miles northeast of the former and eleven miles south of the latter, the situation rendering it the thoroughfare from Bristol and Bath to Exeter and Plymouth. It has been noted for its manufacture of woolen goods and its trade may be traced back to the reign of Edward III, who first brought woolen manufactories to England. It was with this trade that the Trowbridges of Taunton were so identified.

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