Letter from William F. Huggins to daughter, Hattie Belle Huggins-Whitman
Columbia, Missouri

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This letter was written to my grandmother, Hattie Huggins-Whitman, from her father, William F. Huggins, just days after her wedding.  The letter was written on the Pully & Huggins letterhead from the grocery store that William Pulley and William Huggins owned in Columbia, Missouri.  The text of the letter follows:

"Baby Hattie,

I have no news to write but suppose you will expect a letter from me.  I would have gone to train but we had a crowd and could not get away for 2 hours.  I know you would understand how it was.

Am truly proud to hear you are so well pleased and hope and pray you may never have any reason to change your mind and I do not think you will if you do your part.

We have decided to leave here and it is now only a question of a place.  Grandpa and Grandma are going to Texas for a long visit and we have not fully decided what we will do.

I may go to Shawnee if I can get a place and a living salary.

Mama will write you soon.  Give my best regards to John and accept lot of love from,



Home Brown Holiday Huggins Johnson Pulley Trowbridge Whitman


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